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Christmas Trees

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Question: 877-5312
We planted a live Christmas tree every year for about 20 years when we lived in Connecticut. We recently visited our former home and the trees are now about 18 feet tall. It is very rewarding to see this happen. Mike, Camden, AR

Mort's Answer:
It is not difficult. When you dig a hole in November or anytime prior to a heavy frost, you can plant it in the winter. You can also store the plant outdoors alongside a shed or garage facing south after Christmas. Covering the ball with sand will allow for early thawing and early transplant in the spring. One key to keep in mind is tempering the plant if it is below freezing at the time of purchase and when bringing outdoors later. It is best to put it in the garage for a couple of days. It is a shock from 20 to 70 and the reverse.

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Question: 878-5312
When did the custom of decorating Christmas trees originate?

Mort's Answer:
We get our custom directly from the European tradition. Before the custom was "christened", the ancient Egyptians brought palm branches into their homes in late December to celebrate winter solstice, as a symbol of the evolution of life. Later, Romans trimmed evergreen trees with trinkets and topped them off with an image of the Sun God, Apollo, on the occasion of Saturnalia. Winter solstice was celebrated by Druid sorcerers, when they place lit candles and golden apples on oak trees. The feast of Adam and Eve was held during the Middle Ages on December 24th to celebrate the Christian tradition. They adorned the fir trees and called them "paradise" trees. Hessian soldiers brought their tradition with them during the Revolutionary War and took the trees from the woods.

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Question: 1060-5013
Where did the custom of decorating Christmas trees come from? Ian, Forth Worth, TX

Mort's Answer:
Many cultures decorated trees historically. Druids decorated oak trees with golden apples for the celebration of winter solstice. Ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia about the same time of year with an image of the sun God on top of an evergreen tree. In 1561 Alsace in Europe only one evergreen tree was permitted for each town at a central point at Christmas time. Some people believe that it started in Scandanavia. German mercenaries brought in a Tanenbaum (fir tree) for Christmas from the woods during our revolutionary war. American soldiers erected a tree in Fort Dearborn (now Chicago) in 1804. President Franklin Pierce set up a Christmas tree in the White House and President Calvin Coolidge had the first lighting in 1923.

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