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Question: 597-3311
I was able to trap little chipmunks in my Hav A Hart Trap. I am not sure if they were chipmunks. They ate the graham cracker and peanut butter and left a mound of dried grass near the trap. Should I try again? Carol, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Get some fine mesh screen and line the inside of the trap. It looks like the culprits squeezed their way out with a little help from their friends. Do not play Alvin's Christmas song. It might spook them.

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Question: 1050-2416
We have some chipmunks making small holes under our trees. Can we use moth flakes? Mary, Waterford, CT

Mort's Answer:
Moth flakes have a strong odor that might drive them away to greener pastures. You could remove them with Havahart traps. You could lure them with the Chipmunk song but peanut butter and graham crackers work just fine. Be sure to trap them in the shade and do not leave them in the traps for more than two hours. You do not want to kill them.

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