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Chili Peppers

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Question: 513-1411
I planted some Chili pepper seeds in peat pots. They seem very spindly. I have them in a  south facing window. I also gave them additional heat. Any suggestions? Richard, Bedford, MA

Mort's Answer:
You have a lot of time before planting them outdoors around May 15. They do need more light to inhibit the growth hormone. We are getting more light than 12 hours now but you can add another two hours of artificial light until they get stubby. I like to start small seeds in rows in trays before placing them individually in 4 inch peat pots. As a precaution you could put a quarter of an inch of sand over the starting medium to prevent dampening off.

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Question: 901-1013
I have raised some chili peppers from seed. They are now about two inches tall in peat pots. What do I treat them with to be on time for outdoors? Richard, Lincoln, MA

Mort's Answer:
You may be slightly early. Peppers require six to ten weeks germination prior to the last average frost date. In zone 6 that is May 15th. Peppers are a hot weather plant and should be put out later than the 15th for good measure. You can moderate this process with extra light to slow the plants down. Go easy on the fertilizer now. Liquid fertilizer with higher middle numbers is best. You can also harden off the leaves by bringing the plants outdoors in the beginning of May during the day. Plant the peat pot and all about a foot apart before the end of May. Because we have had earlier spurts of heat in the last few years, you might be right on time.

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