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Chicken Manure

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Question: 487-811
Last year we used Chicken Manure compost in our raised beds. It comes from a near by farm and has ground chicken carcases in the mix. Our natural soil is full of shale rock that we used in the beds as well. Any suggestions? Bill, Tulsa, OK

Mort's Answer:
Chicken manure from hen houses is much better than range chicken manure. I am reticent to use any compost that has meat in it. It may be that the meat has been removed prior to grinding the bone but that is iffy. Steer manure and any other manure shgould be wintered over outdoors. It will sterilize itself. Your soil can incorporate grass clippings, if no herbicide is used on the lawn. Shredded leaves will add texture but should not harbor black tar fungus. Shale loam is not ther pest soil for root crops.

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Question: 1015-3813
We have a lot of free range chicken manure. We also have a lot of wild juniper on our property. Can we use these successfully in our garden as a mulch? Deshawn, St.John, AR

Mort's Answer:
Wood chip mulch from cedar is excellent for keeping out weeds. It will also repel insects. Range chicken manure will have a lot of weed. It will have to be aged by pilling through the first winter. This will sterilize the pile. The aged manure and wood chip, if finely ground can be combined with your present soil to provide a rich medium for new plantings. You might consider raised beds with the new blend with 50% of your present soil.

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