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Question: 94-5201
We have a Japanese FL.Cherry that did not do well about a month ago. Now it is flowering for the second time this year. What is happening? Jim Watertown, NY

Mort's Answer:
Your Cherry went into dormancy during the recent dry spell. Extreme dryness or cold will put many plants to sleep as a protection against dehydration. The rains stimulated the tree into a spring like action. This flowering should not be very heavy. The tree should right itself and produce buds for next spring.

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Question: 95-5201
How should I fertilize my cherry tree ? It's about 3" in diameter a the stem. Bill, Oak Ridge, TN

Mort's Answer:
Drill a half dozen holes with a tire iron or some other like instrument about 3' from the stem. Each one foot deep hole can be filled with the formula mentioned for roses added to an equal amount of 5-10-10 fertilizer. This should suffice for 5 years. At that time you can double the holes, the distance from the stem and the depth of the holes.

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