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Question: 1095-814
We have some Cannabis under the snow. Can the seeds be used to start new plants? I need the plants to reduce my pain. Nick, Clam Lake, WI

Mort's Answer:
All seeds that are under snow can be dried and sowed. After drying in full sun on a screen, separate the seeds for processing. Hard seeds can be easily scratched to allow germination. Some folks use a sand paper tube with the coarse side inside. Scarified seeds are then put into a screen for a few days with a slow drip through a moist cloth. After the wetting process, place them in a cup of water. Eventually, they will produce a root on each seed. Rooted seeds are now ready for insertion into sterile soil in peat pots. Do not water in excess. Moisten seedlings every day. Check your local state laws. Many states now allow a certain amount of Cannabis for medical purposes.

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