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Question: 293-5201
When is the best time to plant Camellia and how I do it? Mary, Brunswick, GA

Mort's Answer:
Camellia generally is sold in containers. Container stock can be planted at anytime in the cool hours of evening or early morning. Camellia does better in partial shade and should be watered thoroughly after planting. Dig a hole that is 150% the size of the container. Mix the present soil with 1/3 peat and slightly break up the root to avoid layering. This will provide an easier spreading of the roots. Do not put any fert-ilizer in the hole. A sprinkling of granular 5-10-10 on the top will suffice. If you need to transplant, you can dig up a Camellia in November through February in your area.

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Question: 294-5201
When is the best time to prune my Camellias? Loretta, Hot Springs ,AK

Mort's Answer:
Camellias need not be pruned , if they are doing well. They will be setting the buds for next spring in a few weeks. If the plant is not doing well, you can take off one of the parallel buds at that time. You can cut wood now, if the buds are not showing.

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