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Question: 292-5201
I have had a pot of Calendula for over two years. It had beautiful blooms, when I first had it. It has not bloomed since then. What can I do? Mitzi, Charlestown, RI

Mort's Answer:
Calendula is an annual flower. It is surprising that is has lasted this long. I would rest the plant in a cool dry basement for a month in April.. Do let it freeze. You can plant it outdoors in the early spring and cut it halfway to the ground. It just may respond like a tender perennial. Protect the plant from the frost with straw. If it manages to produce a flower outdoors, I would bring it in for the winter each year and repeat the cycle. Calendula officinalis can be grown in pots for winter blooming. You can take seed from the mother plant in August, if it blooms again. Pot of Gold is the more common name and it originated in southern Europe. Perhaps, there are perennial genes that you are about to discover from this august plant.

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