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Cabbage Worms

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Question: 482-711
We had Cabbage Worms last year. I used pyrethrum and rotenone without success. What can you recommend? I would like to stay organic. Bill, Tulsa , OK

Mort's Answer:
Bacillus thuriengensis is a bacteria that has proved very successful in combating cabbage worms. BT has to grow in the soil. It may take two years or more to be completely effective in zone 6. You can continue to use the old time remedies, while the BT is being established. There is an Israeli strain that will give optimum success. Follow directions on the label.

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Question: 745-1912
I used BT this year to get grid of cabbage worms. They are still present on my five inch plants. I am using Sevin without too much success. What do you think? Bill, Tulsa, OK

Mort's Answer:
Sevin can be used with vegetables in the early stages because it only lasts 24 hours. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis has proven to be more effective after a year or two. This bacteria needs time to establish itself in the soil. In the meantime, you could put a styrofoam ring around each plant. Coat the outside edge with vaseline for a mechanical obstacle for the critters.

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