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Burning Bush

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Question: 88-5201
My Burning Bush has not been very red this fall. Can you recommend something? Gail, Old Saybrook, CT

Mort's Answer:
Your Euonymous americanus, E.alatus or E. atropurpureus are called burning bush. E. alatus has the winged spindle branch with yellowish flowers and a purple berry. E americanus aka strawberry bush has greenish flowers with pink like berries. E. atropurpupreus has a greenish purple flower with a red berry. All three will eventually produce that brilliant fall scarlet leave. E. alatus may be later in maturity but the delay has more to do with the southern exposure. In the meantime you can add some iron sulfate, bone meal or a pinch of epsom salts to the soil. These minerals help bring color to most plants.

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Question: 654-4811
My burning bush dropped its leaves before turning red this year. What could be the problem? Romona, Notherndale, IL

Mort's Answer:
Unless it is full of insects, your plant needed more water. Folks in Indiana and Illinois did not get much rainfall this year like so many other parts of the country. Make a few holes near the leaf drop and stick the hose in those holes. Give them a good soaking to keep them moist through the winter. What is a burning bush, if does not turn red?

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Question: 1115-1714
We have some burning bushes that are too high for our front windows. How far back can I cut them and when? Francis, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Burning bush is a beautiful red bush in the fall. It has a green insignificant flower in the spring. You can take as much as you want off the top right down to the ground. Like the California privet, it will rise again. When you cut it back severely, you might consider moving the middle bush to allow for more room to grow. They should not be transplanted when the leaves have appeared. You could cut now and move the middle bush in the fall.

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