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Bonsai Juniper

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My son gave me a bonsai Juniper he received for Christmas. It has lost a lot of its foliage. Most of the branches will bend and not break. Can I save it? Karen, Townsend, MA

Mort's Answer:
You can try by putting it outside as soon as possible. Junipers are adversely affected by hot air heat. Most beginners will compensate with too much water. Junipers do well in drought situations. Cut back the branches not more than half way. Examine all the roots. If they are brown or black, cut them back to white wood. Do not use any fertilizer until the plant has come back entirely. If you have hot air heat, you would be better served by allowing the Juniper to go dormant through the winter. Place it in a basement or garage for the winter. Barely water the bonsai in dormant stage. Next spring you can keep it indoors but it will do much better outside again.

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