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Question: 184-5201
How do I care for a year old blueberry bush? Dom, Pelican Rapids, MI

Mort's Answer:
I would not count on too many berries in the first year. Blueberries love aged sawdust. Two year old sawdust will take nitrogen out of the air andput it into the soil. Before placing about 6 inches of sawdust mulch around the base of the plant dust the top of the soil with 5-10-10 fertilizer. Cut the ends of the branches this fall to make a more compact bush for the winter.

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Question: 686-412
How do I make blueberry cuttings? Dick, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
When the buds start to swell in the spring is the best time to make the cuttings. It can be done at this time to get a head start. Take 8 inch terminal shoots. Make a sharp angle at the bottom to expose more cambium. Wrap the cuttings in damp cheesecloth and allow to dry for a few days. If you wait until bud swell remove all but the top three or four buds. You can dip the bottoms in root hormone, auxin. Place your cuttings in a box of coarse sand that is six inches deep. Cuttings should only be inserted two inches into the sand and two inches apart. At this time of year, you will need temps that are close to 70 and near a light source. You can moisten the soil before insertion but only mist the soil every day after the original wetting. You may have to wait 45 to 60 days for roots to show. You need not put them outdoors until mid May.

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