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I have just planted 17 Blue Spruce but still have three in six inch pots.The plants are over two feet high. Because of the recent ice storm, I could not plant the rest. I also have 10 trees from the Arbor Day Association that I can not plant. I do have a barn and basement. What can I do now? Dave, Inlay City, MI

Mort's Answer:
You can keep the Blue Spruce as Christmas table trees during the holidays by keeping the soil moist. When you have finished with them as Christmas trees, you can maintain them in the basement by giving them water only when the soil dries out. You will need to put them in 12 inch clay pots right after Christmas. Your arbor day trees can be held as a bundle surrounded by straw in the barn until spring. As a safety precaution you can put them in individual paper bags with straw in each bag.

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