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Bleeding Heart

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Question: 278-5201
Can you tell me how to plant Bleeding Heart? Marie, Brunswich, GA

Mort's Answer:
Dicentra spectabilis is best grown in partial shade. These fleshy plants are popular as a border plant. They will grow from 18-24 inches and die back to the ground each winter. They have red or rose colored flowers. Do not put any fertilizer in the hole. Water thoroughly at the time of planting and again a week later. In the fall after the root has been established, you can put a handful of 5-10-10 fertilizer around the top of the root.

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Question: 951-2313
I have a Bleeding Heart near the dryer vent. It is not doing well. Should I transplant it to a more shady area? Julie, Templeton, MA

Mort's Answer:
Wait until the flowers have passed. Like peonies, they grow better in an area that is under a deciduous tree or shrub. This will allow the plant to get warm sunlight in early spring. After the leaves come out on the shade tree, they will help hold the flowers. The Bleeding Hearts are probably benefiting the warmth of the dryer but are contributing to the diminished length of the bloom and the amount of flowers.

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