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Question: 725-1412
Can you explain how to make cuttings for blackberry and for grapevines? Tom, Perryville, MO

Mort's Answer:
Blackberries are easier. You actually take some of the new pencil shoots , if you can get some root. Since blackberries bear fruit on two and three year old stems, you need to remove half of the new stems each year in the fall or spring anyway. Most grape growers are now using the Con cord grape as root stock because it is resistant to diseases. Concord is the dark purple grape that we see along many country roads. Unless you use Concord cuttings, you may not have 50% success. Cuttings from both the plants should be taken from the terminal shoots in the early spring or fall. An eight inch cut will give you plenty of cambium on the bottom. All leaves should be removed except two or three at the top. An acute angle should be made at the bottom. You may want to put the grape cuttings in auxin, a root hormone. A sandbox can be made near a spigot for easy access to water. Our sandbox should be six inches deep and filled with coarse sand. The cuttings should be inserted two inches into the sand. Mist once a day after the first day's soaking.

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