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Black Walnuts

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Question: 154-5201
How do I harvest black walnuts? Bill, Middletown, NY

Mort's Answer:
You can sweep them up and place them on a screen in the sun. When they are cured they can easily be peeled back. The shell case can then be cracked with the standard nut pilers. Some folks just put them in the driveway and roll the car over them.

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Question: 1461-4917
I planted some Black Walnuts in pots and than scattered them under a couple of inches of soil. They have not done anything. Are they dormant? Karen, Townsend, MA

Mort's Answer:
Black Walnuts need to be planted deep. A couple of yards would have been better. Dig holes with a crowbar sand go down as deep as you can. Push the nuts down to the bottom. They need the gradual temperature change to sprout. It may take two years to come up.

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