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Award Winning New Flowers

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Question: 331-5201
What are some of the Award winning new flowers for 2002?

Mort's Answer:
Cleome , Sparkler Blush, Geranium , Black Magic Rose, Pansy , Ultima Morpho, Petunia Tidal Wave Silver, Rudbeckia, Cherokee Sunset, Vinca, Jaio Scarlet Eye and the Ornamental Pepper, Chilly Chili, are the All -American Selections for 2002. The Pansy is the first with blue and yellow bicolor blooms. This F1 hybrid Pansy is heat tolerant and will bloom in extreme heat. The pastel blue and yellow against a green foliage is a treat for the eye. Ultima Morpho will take 80 days from seed to flower. Chilly Chili has two inch fruit, is not pungent and is edible. Peppers are yellow, orange and red. This sweet pepper will thrive in hot temperatures. Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia is an annual with yellow, bronze, mahogany and orange 4 inch flowers. The flowers are double and semi-double. Plants will grow to 30 inches. Cherokee Sunset will flower in 20 weeks from seeding. Jaio Scarlet Eye Vinca has a white eye on a Scarlet/ Rose two inch flower. This vinca grows to a foot and flowers in 70 days. One of the latest Wave etunias, Tidal Wave Silver has a silver-white flower can grow to 3 feet high, if planted 8 inches apart. It also can spread three feet apart, if planted two or more feet apart. Like all the Waves, it makes an excellent hanging plant. It takes 90 days from seed to bloom. Black Magic Rose Geranium has dark chocolate leaf centers with green edges. This zonal geranium is easy to grow and an excellent candidate for containers. The flower is bright rose with a white eye. It takes 80 days to flower and grows 10 inches high and 14 inches wide. Sparkler Blush Cleome is a pink that does not need staking. It grow to three feet high and three feet wide. It only takes 11 weeks to flower and will bloom in a small six inch pot.

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