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Question: 194-5201
We have a screened porch that is not heated in the winter. We are building an aviary for finches. What plants can you recommend? Bob, Johnston, RI

Mort's Answer:
You can have a indoor Japanese garden with dwarf shrubs. Hanging fuschias, verbena, lantana and long throated flowering hanging plants will enhance the environment in the spring, summer and fall. They will need to be moved to a heated area for the winter. Dwarf evergreens of Andorra or San Jose Juniper in containers will add color in the winter. Robinšs Nest Spruce is a low compact dwarf that birds love. A dwarf Japanese maple, Acer Palmatum, has red or green finely cut leaves. It will defoliate in the winter. I prefer clay pots in a third sand and two-thirds potting soil mix.

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