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My apricots have few fruit that turn brown before ripening. I do not fertilize or spray much. My apples and pears do great every year. The apricot has a four inch diameter on the trunk. What might be the problem? Paul, Wanneco. IL

Mort's Answer:
You may have planted them on a rock. What is more likely is the excess rain that you experienced this spring was too much for the fruit. Since apricots start earlier and take longer to mature, they are more sensitive to temperature swings. Sudden heat may cause flower dropping. A disproportionate amount of nitrogen to phosphorus could be the cause of the rotting before maturation. I would suggest that you add some 5-10-10 fertilizer. Dig a half dozen holes that are in a circle about four feet from the trunk. They should be at least a foot deep. Fill the holes with the granular fertilizer. This will strengthen the stems to hold the fruit. Repeat this every five years.

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