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Apricot Tree

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Question: 818-3812
My apricot tree has a borer eating in the bark and it is oozing sap. What can I do to remedy this? It is about five inches in diameter near the ground and about 15 feet high. Steve, Roswell, NM

Mort's Answer:
You can do some home surgery. If the borer girdles the bark completely there is no hope for the tree. The fibrovascular tubes that feed the tree from the roots are in the outer ring just inside the bark. Make a leaf shaped incision that will encompass the entire infected area with a sharpened knife. It must be contiguous and as wide as necessary to remove all black or brown wood. If you need to go deep, you can use a chisel. Dab the white wood with malathion and cover with tree wax or tree seal. If it is large hole, you can use cement. Eventually the new hole will grow together as the tree grows and the cement will crumble. It is only made of clay.

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Question: 1337-5215
My apricot tree, that is the middle of a lot of cedars, has not produced fruit in years. It is around six inches at the stem near the ground and about 5 feet tall. It does have specks on the leaves. Is there any chance that I can get fruit? Douglas, Bowling Green, KY

Mort's Answer:
Fruit trees are very prone to apple rust. This fungus winters over on cedar trees. You need to spray your apricot with a dormant oil spray now when the temps are near 60. Unfortunately, it may be too late for the dormant oil spray in zone 6. You can use Neem, which can be applied at any temperature now. You should follow up in the spring with another dose before buds appear. You will also need a fungicide in the spring. Home Orchard spray needs to be applied before bud swell after the oil spray. Do not spray when flowers appear. Follow directions on package for subsequent applications. if you are unable to acquire the Home Orchard spray, use lime sulphur or micronized sulphur. This program should be used every year.

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