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American Chestnut

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Question: 97-5201
Išve got three American Chestnuts that are loaded with chestnuts. They are almost hitting the ground. When should I pick them? Are they edible? Can I cut the lower branches? Mary, Waterford, CT

Mort's Answer:
Usually, when the first frost hits or when the chestnuts start falling is the best time to pick the chestnuts. American chestnuts are now generally 15/16 ths because of the cross breeding to build resistance to the blight. You are fortunate to have one of the new breed. Yes, they are edible and can be used with coffee, if ground. Some folks add a confectionery glaze to the whole nut. Chinese chestnuts are bitter by comparison but are also edible. Italian or Spanish chestnuts are the ones most available as roasted chestnuts in New York. You can cut the lower branches, if you prefer the tree form. I like to prune in the late fall or early winter. You should paint the cuts to prevent infections from the fungus.

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