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Acerola Cherry

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My Acerola Cherry had fruit two years ago. This year it completely defoliated after two floods except for a few yellow leaves. It is about six feet tall and five years since I planted it. Does the mulch help or hinder it? Tom, Bradenton, FL

Mort's Answer:
There are three or more different possible fungi that could have infected your tree. Black knot, brown-rot and yellow leaf are the most common. You probably have yellow leaf aka shot hole. All three are treatable with Benlate fungicide. Follow directions on the label. You should remove the mulch because it breeds the fungus in the soil from the fallen cherries and leaves. Because you are subject to torrential rains, I would also recommend that you make a circle of 12 holes about five feet from the trunk. These holes can be made with a crowbar or tire iron and be two to three feet deep. Fill the holes with coarse sand.

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