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Question: 385-3410
We have an invasive crop of Yarrow in the bulb patch. What can I use to get rid of them? Sheryl, Kewanee, IL

Mort's Answer:
I would hesitate to use anything. You do not want to injure the bulbs. Yarrow can be a soft tissue filler or ground cover. Since it arrives early, it will crowd out weeds. It will not interfer with the bulb crop. Bulbs have their own source of nutrient within the bulb itself. As you need the space for other plants and perennials, you can easily remove the Yarrow by hand.

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Question: 209-1416
How do I get rid of Yucca?. It is all over my property. Karen, Townsend, MA

Mort's Answer:
Yucca filamentosa and the larger Y. aliofolia can be invasive. Those beautiful creamy white flowers with that sweet soap scent broadcast their seeds far and wide. There is a systemic herbicide called Vine-X that is applied with a brush from a canister. It can be found on the internet. Sometimes called Spanish Bayonet, it can give you a battle.

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Question: 1001-3513
Can I transplant my Yucca filamentosa soon? Dottie, Griswold, CT

Mort's Answer:
Spanish bayonet or Bear grass is a very hardy plant that can grow in cracks of cement in zone 6. It has an ivory colored flower on stalks that can reach six feet high. You can cut back the stalks now and move anytime in the future. If you move it now, it will have plenty of time to reestablish itself.

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